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What is Humiliarix Phone Sex?

Humiliarix is the act of being humiliated or humiliating another. This can be done via a phone call or SMS sex texting. The caller can play either roll. They are sexually stimulated by being humiliated verbally or by humiliating another person. Humiliarix Phone Sex is one of the more erotic forms of phone sex. The caller maybe told they have a small dick or have a limp dick. This is often called Small Dick or Humiliarix phone sex. Small dick/ Humiliarix phone sex is a form of role play used to arouse the caller.

Who Calls Small Dick/ Humiliarix Phone Lines?

This fetish or sexually desire can be arousing for anyone, particularly someone who enjoys being dominated. They enjoy belittling their sexual partners. The callers may find it more appropriate or better for their relationships to belittle an unknown partner for fear of hurting their loved ones. They get great enjoyment and pleasure from calling the small dick/ humiliarix phone lines and humiliating the receiver. This type of phone sex may also be enjoyed in the opposite way. The caller may enjoy being called derogatory names or having their genital belittled to gain arousal. This type of phone sex call may be enjoyed by both male and female callers. The callers are typically male although women also get enjoyment from small dick/ humiliarix phone sex lines. Often times the callers to a small dick/ humiliarix phone sex line are people who do not want their real life lovers to know their desires or who get enjoyment from the phone sex lines because of ambiguity.

What Does a Typical Small Dick/ Humiliarix Phone Sex call Include?

A small dick/ Humiliarix phone sex service such as can include just about any type or form of humiliation. Typically the receiver will need to know what type of humiliation is most desirable to the caller. The caller may like being called derogatory names associated with sexual preference such as being called a “Fag” or “lesbo”. The caller may also like being told they have a small dick or small cock. They may enjoy humiliating the receiver in which they may use terms like “whore” or “slut”. The small dick/ humiliarix phone sex call at can also include domination instructions. For example the receiver may tell the caller he is a little boy who cannot make her scream. The caller enjoys this reverse psychology to make him or her performs better and get more aroused. The general preferences are established at the beginning of the call for the maximized pleasure. The caller may also declare not to have certain turn off terms used. The caller will need to be clear on what is a turn on and what is a turn off for the pleasure of the phone sex call.  Small Dick/ Humiliarix Phone sex calls can be very arousing to the caller. The receivers are very good at getting into the callers head and using this form of domination to produce arousing results. The receivers will know what buttons to push to get the caller turned on and feeling good.


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